Meeting dates for 2014: August 25-26

The American Medical Fly Fishing Association was begun in 1969 by the late Dr. Clinton Pace of Loomis, California with the idea of combining our professional medical interests with that of our interest in fly fishing, particularly for trout; and to promote conservation of our natural resources as pertains to our sport. The goal was to support those causes and efforts were oriented towards these interests. The organization has grown over the years suffering some of the growing pains of any organization but presently is a strong and viable group fulfilling thoroughly Dr. Pace's goals.

Several years ago we decided to make West Yellowstone our permanent site for scientific meetings due to the tremendous variety of fishing experiences available at such renowned rivers as the Yellowstone, Madison and Firehole, Henry's Fork of the Snake River in Idaho, Hegban and Yellowstone Lakes and countless streams. In addition to the fishing, we can enjoy the wonders of the great national parks that offer all of their beauty and marvels to the entire family. Hiking, rafting, birdwatching, touring the the geyser areas, and watching the elk and bison and searching for the wolf packs are just a few of the alternate passtimes.

The annual meeting is held each year in August or September in West Yellowstone, Montana. We have three mornings of scientific papers presented by fellow members and hold an annual banquet one evening. At that time, one of the notables of the fly fishing world is invited to participate in our meeting. Some of our speakers have included the late Gary LaFontaine, Dave Engerbreston, Jack Dennis, Bud Lilly, Craig Matthews and many others.

We are a sustaining member of the Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited, have supported the Nature Conservancy's efforts on Silver Creek and Thousand Springs in Idaho, the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Oregon Trout, and some ten to fifteen other organizations. In the last several years we have given moneys to organizations in the Catskills supporting the protection of the Esopus River and the preservation of the Beaverkill against development; and supported the fight against the damming of the west branch of The Penobscot River in Maine. We belong to the Henry's Fork Foundation, support the American Wetlands and the Greater Yellowstone Foundation.

The annual dues are $35.00 tax deductible. The only requirements for membership are that one be a physician. The organization is incorporated as a non profit group in the state of Illinois.

If you are interested in joining with us, please submit your dues with the membership form. Email us at amffa@kcnet.org.

Veryl F. Frye, MD